World’s first Selfie was taken back in 1839!

First Selfie These days the fastest thing that was spread more than a virus is a Selfie. This fever has left no celeb to no common man. Such was the craze that a selfie has got in the modern era. Not only that, but the “Selfie” has recently was made an entry into the dictionary which is the first of its kind. But to surprise of all the world’s first well-known self-portrait or selfie was taken a long back that too 175 years ago. The first selfie was taken by an American photographer named Robert Cornelius.

In 1839, an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast Robert Cornelius, then thirty years old, had created what’s believed to be the first and foremost photographic selfie.

He had started his camera at the back of his father’s shop in Philadelphia, after that he removed the lens cap, and saw the frame by running into the frame. He then sat stock still for 5 minutes before going back to the camera where he placed and exchanged the cap. He wrote on the rear of the photo: “The first light picture ever taken. 1839.”

Cornelius, son of a Dutch migratory, had developed an interest in chemistry at school level and he left the school, he worked for his father specializing in silver plating and metal polishing and sharpening and other works for his father. He created a silver daguerreotype plate for the photographer Joseph Saxton, that sparked his interest within the field of photography.

Following the selfie or self portrait, Cornelius became a photographer specializing in portraits, however he solely operated for 2 years before returning to his father’s lamp business. Robert Cornelius retired in 1877 a rich person. He died in 1893, aged 84.