Top 10 Ghostly Haunted Abandoned Places In World

Abandoned Places : here is the list places where ghosts haunted rudely 

Kayakoy, Fethiye (Turkey) Abandoned Places

Countries like Norway, Japan or the US receive thousands of tourists looking at their guides the most visited places by the tourists but few dare to get out the manual and visit every year ghost places where neglect and silent awe. The travel website TripAdvisor takes a tour of ten of these places where life and bustle of the past gave way to the nostalgia of silence.




Kayakoy , also known as Livissi, is a ghost town located 8 kilometers from Fethiye in southwest Turkey, now converted as a museum town. It brings together hundreds of ruins of houses and churches with Greek architecture. Its population grew from 2,000 in 1900 to almost 6000 before being abandoned during the Greco-Turkish War between 1919 and 1922.

The city is preserved as a museum with hundreds of abandoned homes and churches, Greek style covering a small mountain and serve as a thoroughfare for tourists. In recent years, due to increased tourism and vendors offering handmade products, some houses have been restored.

Abandoned Places : Bodie State Historic Park, California (USA)

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

The town of Bodie Hills in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono County, California, recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1961, is a ghost town at the end of 1870 reached 10,000 residents attracted by its gold mines.

The city had restaurants, halls, churches, banks, brothels, an opera house and a school, and a railway company. Its decline began in 1882, with the collapse of the mining companies. After suffering several serious fires in the 90s and 1932, the city was finally abandoned shortly after the Second World War.

Abandoned Places : Hashima Island, Nagasaki (Japan)

The Hashima Island, also called Gunkanjima, is a small island in Japan and one of the 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture. It was inhabited between 1887 and 1974 by workers at the coal mine and their families. In 1890, Mitsubishi bought the island and enabled to exploit, which in effect made ​​for nearly a century, until 1974, when it was closed due to declining consumption of coal to oil.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

In 1959, the island, a little more than a square mile, went on to achieve one of the highest population densities in the world registered.

After being abandoned, its buildings have been exposed to the onslaught of climate and ocean salinity and deteriorated rapidly. The effects of deteriorating concrete buildings are currently monitored. Since 22 April 2009, a small part of the island is open to the public for tours.

One TripAdvisor traveler says, after visiting the island, that “what was once full of life, industry and modern buildings are now abandoned, a silent ruins, legacy of what once was.”

Abandoned Places : Town of Kolmanskop (Namibia)

Kolmanskop, a ghost town now abandoned, was a small German mining town abandoned between 1908 and 1910 a few miles from the coastal town of Luderitz in Namibia.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

During World War I extracted some 1,000 kg of diamonds, but immediately after the war, this number decreased significantly, and much larger diamonds are found in abundance at two hundred miles, in the nearby town of Oranjemunden the Orange River in the current border with South Africa.
In 1954 the city was abandoned , leaving behind homes, schools and a hospital, which are slowly being swallowed by the encroaching sands of the desert.

Abandoned Places : Humberstone Saltpeter, Iquique (Chile)

The saltpeter of Santiago Humberstone, along with Santa Laura, is considered World Heritage. Humberstone and at its peak, reached almost 4,500 inhabitants living extracting saltpeter.

With the Great Depression in 1929, the company reaches nearly bankrupt, but was rescued by the Tarapaca and Antofagasta Nitrate Company in 1934.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Over the years, the golden era of Humberstone and group office that made ​​the Nebraska Group, starts coming off a serious crisis until its demise in 1958 and the abandonment of both offices in 1960.

In 2001, Humberstone was remodeled when he served as a filming location of Chilean telenovela Pampa Illusion.

Triapvisor users stand out as the best “theater and bar that still has things of the last people who worked there.”

Abandoned Places : Pyramiden, Spitsbergen (Norway)

 Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Pyramiden was a coal mining settlement of Russians acquired Sweden in the early twentieth century and which was abandoned in 90. The Russian company Arktikugol closed coal mine in 1998 and left Pyramiden.

Since 2007 Pyramiden village is inhabited by about fifteen people, and that if a country abandons its land in Svalbard for more than 10 years it would return to the Norwegian government.

TripAdvisor users say about this place that “leaves you with a strange feeling. It seemed as if people had gone 20 years in order to come back anytime. ”

Abandoned Places : Poggioreale, Sicily (Italy) Abandoned Places

This small village was abandoned after the great earthquake of the Belice Valley in 1968, which claimed the lives of 400 people and forced the remaining population to move to a safer area several kilometers.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

This ghost town was founded in the seventeenth century by the Marquis to house people working on their land. Today, after the earthquake there are barely a hundred houses, mostly in ruins. You can still make out the library, school, church, a bakery and a beautiful square.

Abandoned Places : Bannack State Park, Montana (USA)

Bannack was founded during the expansion into the Far Western US and the gold rush of the mid-nineteenth century. It grew to 10,000 inhabitants eventually abandoned the settlement in the 70s of the twentieth century.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

You can visit almost all the buildings, especially the wonderful bank and hotel with its majestic staircase and the gallows where many criminals met their end.

Abandoned Places : Gwalia, Leonora (Australia)

The Gwalia ghost town and mine is the perfect place to discover the rich history of Australian mining of the century setting. The small settlement that was created surrounding the Sons of Gwalia mine and was abandoned in 1963 to close its doors and leave without employing over 250 men. The population of more than 1,200 people fell to 45 in just three weeks.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

Tripadvisor users comment that “the complex of Gwalia and museum are very interesting and allow visitors to stroll through the past to the days of the gold rush.”

Abandoned Places :Michigan Central Station, Detroit (USA)

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

The Michigan Central Station in Detroit, a building height of 18 built in the 1910s, was designed to house a hotel, cafes, restaurants, offices, offices and all necessary services for passengers. With the advent of the crisis in Detroit, construction was abandoned due to lack of demand and the mothballing of AmTrak in 1988.

Although you cannot enter this impressive building security, windows, glasses free, let your imagination tourists and rebuild its interior.