Master Your Workouts on Rowing Machines in 3 Simple Steps

Rowing machines offer the best indoor workout for your body as the rowing involves both upper body muscles and the lower body muscles. Workout on these machines needs endurance, power and cardiovascular fitness. You need to use these exercise machines on the right way to avoid any back injuries. If you are a beginner, you need to start the exercise with a resistance of 2-3 and if you are already using it, start your workout with a resistance of 3-5. It is also necessary to start with a lower stroke rate of 20 to 25 per minute. You can master your rower strokes in 3 simple steps.

1st step

After securing your feet on the pads, bring your knees up and grab the rower handle with an overhand grip. Now slide towards the rear end of the machine and pull the handle along with you. Your legs will be in the extended position. Lean at an angle of 30-40 degrees and fold your hands towards the chest. The handle of the machine will be now below your chest. Your elbows should point downwards. This is the first position as well as the ending position of a stroke.

2nd step

Stretch out your arms and bring your upper body to the normal sitting position. Your back should remain straight and your shoulders in a straight line. Now slide to the front end of the machine by leaning forward and bending your legs. Your elbows should be touching your bend knees and your arms will be fully extended. Your body will be leaning forward slightly. This position in the stroke is known as catch.

3rd step

To return to your first position, push with your legs and slide back. This action will straighten your legs, but your body will be still in leaning forward position. This part of the stroke in the rowing machines mimics the oar pulling action in boats to propel the boat forward. This is known as the drive in stroke. You will be using your core muscles and leg muscles during this step. As you push through try to bring the upper body to the straightened position. Now pull the handle back to your chest and lean your body backwards. Now you have reached the starting position of the stroke.

Keep practicing

Once you understand the stroke movements, you need to continue practicing the stroke. Practice the stroke at low resistance at low speed. Once you are able to do the strokes with ease and making sure that you are using the correct positions and movements, you can increase the speed and resistance for the strokes. When you are moved to the rear end of the machine you should move your arms, body and legs in that order and when you are moving to the front end you should move your legs first, then body and finally the arms.

The things to follow

Though rowing machines are great for fat loss workouts, you need to follow certain rules while using this machine.

● You need to ensure that you are wearing safe and fitting clothes for the work out and you do some warm up before starting the exercise.

● If used in the proper way these machines can burn up to 377calories from a 185 pound person doing a vigorous workout for 30 minutes.

● If you are beginner strategically plan your workout so that you don’t get dejected by the tough workout requirements.

If you make your body to adjust to the muscle pumping workouts slowly you will be able to sculpt a well structured body and maintain it for a long healthy and happy life.