Life of Josutty Malayalam Movie Review Rating

Life of Josootty review rating : movie is which tells about the dileep who played role called josootty and who stays in foregin country to earn money and to spend luxury life and suddenly they make to know that they did not belong to those country and return back native place india this is the basic theme of Life of Josootty movie. Cast And Crew : lead roles  : Dileep ,rachana, aqsa bhatt, jyothi krishna Direction : jeethu joseph Production house : backwater studios Language : malayalam Music composer : anil johnson

Life of Josutty  movie review :

story tells about about common man problems with no action and thrills each and every roles did the best. whole movie was under actors so director takes good performances from all the actors. and camera man also did very good screen presence of all the actors and locations of local kerala and foreign coutries

Positive Points : Feel good movie

Second half

Drawbacks : Slow narration

Life of Josutty  movie review : 3/5