How To Use Trello Complete Beginners Guide

How To Use Trello : Day by Day technology is making tremendous changes in human life. and reduced human efforts to complete all tasks so many tools came into existence as a web-based project management applications. in that trello is the best application which changed the professional way to manage projects in less time. now in this article I compiled the beginners guide to use trello application.

Trello – Free Web Based Project Management Application

Trello is perfect tool where users can organize the projects both personal and office works by using cards , lists and boards which is developed by the Fog Creek. and initially released in the year 2011. according to latest statistics trello has more than five million users. in the starting days founder Joel Spolsky struggled hard to make famous and upgraded so many features to reach his targets. trello is available in android , iPhone and windows platforms.

Users can start trello to complete tasks with the boards, lists and cards. and can add some members to work in a team and can send messages in inbox to them. it as reminder feature which helps you complete work in time. let’s go in deep to know about trello application.

Basics To Start Using Trello :

Firstly users must know about boards, lists and cards to start a project in trello.

Boards :

Boards is collection of lists and lists contains the cards. boards is the primary point to start a project it has many uses in preparing a project or organizational structure. boards have a point to point data of a redesign plan, structure or any other project. from here users can plan next plans to complete tasks.

How To Create A New Boards To Use Trello :

How To Create A New Boards

How To Create A New Boards

Every user must create a board to start a task. tap on + option and then to new board. while creating a board mention the perfect apt title to new boards to which the board belongs which task.

lists :

In a top-down approach lists are nest to boards lists are nothing but the sub-boards. lists contain collections  of ideas and reminder tasks to do in the project. lists also contains cards.

Example : If you choose office project. lists contains some rough  work, tasks to do, clients name and phone numbers to contact regarding the project.

How To Create Lists on Boards :

Adding cards

Adding cards

Click on add a list which is at rightmost on the board list. and enter the name to list. on board users can add lists by double clicking at any open space.

Edit The Lists :

Users can move the lists at any place on boards and can rename it by tapping on name.

Cards :

You can start conversations by adding people. and can label them, attach files, vote regarding the project in cards. and users can drag this cards from one list to another list to represent he status. by using the cards your work gets easy and can complete the tasks in time. and cards can give preview of total work you had done.

How To Add Cards To Lists :

How To Add Cards

How To Add Cards

By clicking on add a card option and another option to add cards is via context menu.

Boards, lists and cards are the basic needs for every users to start and complete tasks in time without any mistakes while preparing the projects or any other tasks.

How To Use Trello Keyword Shortcuts :

Trello have keyword shortcuts for easy interface. list of shortcuts are listed below

  1. Navigation short cuts : Right ( <- ), Left   ( -> ), Up   ( K ), Down    (  J )
  2. Clear all Filters: X
  3. Add Due date: D
  4. Edit Title: T
  5. Insert new card: N
  6. Add members: M
  7. Remove members: M
  8. Subscribe: S

Trello Supported Languages :

 Trello supports multilingual language in the sense users can use trello in four languages English, Portuguese, Español and Deutsch.

 Wrapping Out :

Finally we came to end in trello uses and beginners guide shortcuts to use.  as I compiled trello is the best project management tool. any queries regarding the trello uses feel free to ask them in comments and stay tuned for upcoming posts.