How To Trace mobile number with owner name – location/address In India

How to Trace mobile Number

Trace mobile number with owner name : Mobile Phone one of the basic need in the human life and has been embedded in our day to day life without much efforts. This is the gift of the latest technology without which no work is completed in our busy lives, such is the impact of mobile phones on humans. Mobile Phones have many advantages which we are using in our daily lives. But like every technology, Mobile Phones also has several disadvantages.

One of the major disadvantages of Mobile Phones are wrong numbers. Almost everyone who uses a personal Mobile Phone have experienced a wrong call at one time or the other. In particular, women and girls will face this more often than not. The most annoying thing when a girl or a women receives a wrong call is they dont know about the identity of that wrong and they too doesn’t reveal their identity that easy. For the people round there here is a solution for you people who are looking to trace the Person’s name, Location and Operator just by using the Mobile Number of the wrong call.

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The following are the ways to trace Name and Location of Wrong call :

Method 1: Mobile Telephone Numbering in India

* In this technique all you have got to do is to check for the first four digits of the Mobile Number.

* With that you will know the Location and also about the Operator.

* This method is time consuming one.

* This method will give you no information regarding the Name of that Wrong Call person.

* This method gives only the information about Location and Operator but not the name.

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Method 2 : Trace mobile variety by on-line : Location and Operator

* If you want to know the Operator and also the Location of the number, click on the link : Click Here

* Just after you enter the website, enter the number of wrong call.

* In this method, you need to enter +91 or 0 before the number.

* With this method, you will know the Location and also the Operator details of the Wrong call.

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Method 3 : True Caller – Trace Name with Wrong Call Number

* Go to the official web site : True Caller

* After that you have to enter your mobile variety and also choose our country.

* Once you have entered the mobile number and also the county now you have to login to any of the social site.

* Within no time you will know the name and the details of that Wrong Call.

If you wish to have this app to your mobiles, Download this app from the following sites.

* Download for Android , Blackberry, iOS , Windows Phone , Symbian

Other modes to grasp concerning location with Mobile variety

* IndiaOnPage

Enjoy knowing the Names of Wrong numbers.