How to Delete Kik OR Deactivate KIK Account ?

Kik messenger which is trending and getting popularity enormously now a days. So many instant messengers like whatsapp, we chat, and viber are there but when ever we need to delete them easily where kik messenger cannot. Many users are searching for How To Delete KIK messenger account for them youngstershub is providing possible and easy ways to delete kik account.

How to Delete Kik OR Deactivate KIK Account

How to Delete Kik OR Deactivate KIK Account

Some Reasons Why Users Want To Delete KIK Messenger:

  • Most common reason is kik app occupying more space in mobile comparatively with other messenger applications.
  • Other instant messengers are providing best features with flexibility on users need

Before deleting kik account users must have to know following information. Kik messenger does not allow users to deactivate the kik account permanently. It just allow us to delete the kik application. By this users account is temporarily deactivated.

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How To Delete KIK Messenger Account ?

There are two ways to delete kik

  • Delete kik account from your pc or
  • Delete kik account from From your mobile
  • Changing the email address before deleting kik makes users can permanently delete account

How To Delete KIK Messenger From Your PC :

  1. To delete your kik account go to this link :
  2. It will redirect you to kik account deactivate page
  3. Now enter your email address which you created the kik account
  4. And then click on GO Button
  5. Now kik will send you an email and then follow further steps which are mentioned in the email

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How To Delete KIK From Mobile:

  1. Open kik messenger application from your mobile
  2. Now goto settings tap on account
  3. And then to RESET KIK MESSENGER
  4. Now enter your email id soon after kik will send you email regarding it and then follow the steps in email to delete kik.

Trick To Delete KIK Messenger Permanently :

Before deleting the kik app change the email id which is new and delete chat and unwanted images in account. And then follow any above process so that your account is deactivated with old email and your email is is safe to use another time to connect your friends.