How To Apply Lipstick – Put Lipstick Tutorial

how to apply lipstick  Easiest and most effective weapon in a woman’s armoury is lipstick. It is an essential part of a woman’s make-up bag. It is the quickest method to enhance your appearance. Need to turn your thin lips into a serious pout? No problem, lipstick can do it for you. It can even turn your thick lips into sensuous thin lined with a pout. Sounds miraculous, doesn’t it? It sure does all those things, but ultimately it is you who has to decide what shade is going to do the trick for you. Most women are quite aware of their complexion. However, they tend to make mistakes while choosing shades of lipstick corresponding to their natural skin color. Your lips can acquire a life of their own if you choose correct shade for application. Before you put lipstick on, take a critical look at the shade you are going to wear. Is it complementing rest of your make –up or is it in a total contrast? Be sure that your make-up, your clothes and lipstick shade are in a complete harmony. Choice of shade must be such as to complement skin tone.

How to choose a lipstick for a particular skin type:

Olive skin shade – Colors like blackberry, wine, light brown or raisin have warm undertones and work to brighten skin.

Fair Complexion – Skin shade is mainly pink. So you need complementing colors like peach or petal pink.

Pale Complexion – This shade needs uplift with dramatic shades.

Dark Complexions – These are best complemented by deep reds with purple undertones or deep browns with wine undertones.

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How To Apply Lipstick

Available in a tube, lipstick can be directly applied to lips. If you want better control, use a lipstick brush for application.

It is a good idea to provide shape to lips with a lip liner pencil prior to application.

Test a shade before application. Test it on fingertips where skin shade is closest to your lips. Alternatively, it can be tested close to mouth. If it doesn’t complement your make-up, choose another shade.

For long lasting gloss, lips must be first prepared with a lip pencil of shade closest to natural color of lips. Now apply gloss on middle of both lips. Purse lips close for a few seconds. Now you have a glossy application that will not just disappear.

If you feel like giving a mystic appearance to lips, use a dark shade. Instead of applying directly from tube, dab it on lips with fingertips enough to just stain them. Purse lips for a few seconds and later apply lip gloss.

Leaving lipstick marks on glasses or cups can be avoided by discreetly licking the rim before drinking.

Lipstick marks on teeth are an ungainly sight. To avoid this, place your middle finger in your mouth, pout and withdraw the finger.

Applying very dark or bright lipstick needs a certain degree of precision. If you are in a hurry, do not even think of such shades as you might end up wasting time by applying incorrectly. On such occasions, it is safer to use lip gloss or a mild toned lipstick.

Before applying lipstick , use a lip liner to shade both lips and corners. This will stop lipstick from morphing into those ungainly lines around mouth.

If you want to hide your age and those lines around mouth, do not even think about lipsticks with frosted finish. Use matted ones instead. Lip liner is meant as a fix for lipstick and not as a device to outline your lips. This line could still be there long after your lipstick has worn off and present a very unsightly appearance. Use it judiciously to define and shade both lips and surrounding areas.

Badly applied lipstick gives a very gaudy appearance. Go for a natural look by short strokes on outer edges of lips followed by blending with fingertips. Finally, shade over with a lip liner.

Lip liner movement on dry lips can be difficult. A salve of lip balm will cure the dryness. Only be sure to remove excess lip balm with a tissue.

An assortment of different colored lip liners to complement your collection of many colored lipstick shades is not needed. A single lip liner with a shade closest to your natural lip color will suffice.