Convert Android Phone In to Windows Phones Now

Convert Android Phone In to Windows Phones Now

here is good news for windows phone lovers. Its truly a amazing news because now android phone users also can can convert in to windows read how its happens soon.We all know that Microsoft is releasing an new version of windows 10 OS. Its already officially announced that. And will release in this summer 2015 now Microsoft is targeted the android users to convert them into windows users and Microsoft got all cleared ways to do that.

How the convertion  android phone in to windows phones will be

For these Microsoft came to an deal with china’s smartphone company Xiaomi. And its is officially announced also as in the deal Xiaomi. Will all the users to convert in to windows 10 users it is good deal to both the comaonies because by these agreement xiaomi will get good profits because it already had good lover towords to his company and Microsoft can increase the his windows os users.

But up to now thay did not announced the details which are in the agreement. All per the reports xiaomi Mi4 users will get first chance to convert in to windows 10 os for free.What they officially announced is

“This association will permit Xiaomi and Microsoft to get direct client criticism and keep on enhancing the experience for China. Microsoft is excited to see Xiaomi grasping Windows 10 and offering this extraordinary quality to their clients. We’re eager to see the input we get from this group of onlookers.”

Because of this really tremendous changes will come in all users of windows phone and android users with this agreement this concept will sure success in future lets wish for lot of changes in the technology

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