Constipation Home Remedies

Constipation is a problem that plagues millions of men and women around the world each year. For that reason, a booming pharmaceutical industry has developed to provide relief for this frequently unexpected problem. But, long before laxatives became the norm, constipation home remedies were used to solve and prevent constipation. Here is quick look at some common constipation home remedies and how to integrate them into your lifestyle.

Stimulants and laxatives

While most people think that “laxative” only refers to the chemical based medicines prescribed by your doctor, there are quite a few natural alternatives that stimulate the bowels and provoke a movement when you are constipated

These constipation home remedies are much safer than traditional laxatives because they don’t cause damage to your intestines and they are not habit forming like many commercial laxatives.

The most common natural stimulant is coffee. In fact, the very chemical that gives coffee its innate bitter taste also stimulates the bowels and provokes movement when you are constipated.

Another common stimulant is honey with molasses. The only real side effect that either has is the heavy amounts of sugar and therefore calories they contain. For this reason, it is best not to use them on a regular basis to combat constipation.


Many constipation home remedies focus on avoidance of constipation in the first place. These solutions are designed to keep your body in good shape and help you develop a properly working digestive system so there isn’t an issue in the first place.

If you have chronic constipation or if you are suffering with a long bout of constipation and are against the use of medical solutions, the best way to tackle your constipation problem is with regular exercise and sufficient daily water intake.

By drinking enough water, your body will retain liquid in your intestines and waste will be easier to move. Dehydration or even underhydration results in dry intestines that have a harder time moving waste.

Exercise is equally effective because it stimulates the muscles and nerves of your body. Even a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood each evening after you finish eating can have a substantial positive impact on your digestive system, ensuring regular movements.

When To Call A Doctor

Constipation home remedies are designed to keep your bosy in good working order and provide a natural alternative to laxatives when things go really wrong. If your problems persist a healthy time frame or if you find yourself feeling unwell despite your efforts to counteract constipation, it may be time to call a doctor.

While most cases of constipation are due to dehydration or a lack of fiber in your diet, there are medical issues that can causes or make the problem worse. It is also possible that a prescription your are already taking is the root of the problem. Only your doctor can tell you for sure how to handle the problem. Just make sure to explain to him that you would prefer to avoid unnatural laxatives if at all possible.

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