NEW Meizu M2 Note Specifications Price Camera Battery Life Details

Meizu M2 NoteMeizu a new note is released with great specifications in it. maize is an Chinese company. which as got good fame in short time span with quality of smartphones. now Meizu is released and new Meizu m2 note.Specifications Of Meizu M2 Note:It as large screen with 505-inch size. and with an 1920*1080 resolution which gives best clarity to the users. device as 2gb of … [Read more...]

Microsoft windows 10 OS Price Specifications Release Date & Details

Upcoming new operating system from Microsoft is 10. It announced by officially long back. they are not releasing the 9 version of OS. And probably 10 is the last and final OS from Microsoft. Latest news is OS is releasing in the August month  2015 and price and specifications are announced in the retailer pre-order website. Almost Every PC and Laptop is now pre-installed … [Read more...]

Mark zuckerberg Facebook CEO Dream Project

Mark zuckerberg facebook ceo dream project was taken next step. Recently he posted about in his official facebook. is the best project which was under trails. This project aims to connect all the people with the minimum basic needs of technology that means like facebook , surfing about education, making emergency calls … [Read more...]

Convert Android Phone In to Windows Phones Now

Convert Android Phone In to Windows Phones Now here is good news for windows phone lovers. Its truly a amazing news because now android phone users also can can convert in to windows read how its happens soon.We all know that Microsoft is releasing an new version of windows 10 OS. Its already officially announced that. And will release in this summer 2015 now Microsoft is … [Read more...]

LG G Flex 2 Full Cost Specifications Camera Screenshot Details

LG G Flex 2 Full Cost Specifications Camera Screenshot Details In Delhi LG already announced that that they are releasing an LG G Flex 2 with Best specifications and best price it curved screen because it keep away the screen from glass break even it fallen from heights also. It was the feature from LG. and the products from LG like G3 got good fame with specifications more … [Read more...]