Good Funny Truth OR Dare Questions Dirty Game For Adults

Truth or dare questions: this game is not silly everyone must have guts to confess everything about them. Truth which cant be hide some times we must reveal our secrets to all. And Dare toughest game we must ready to do embrassing things in public so to play truth or dare game is full list of questions to ask guy or girl. Funny Truth Or Dare Questions To … [Read more...]

JEE Preparations Speedtracking Guide – The 4 Months Roadmap

The JEE Mains 2016 is just around the corner. The JEE Mains application forms have been long available and the dates for the exam have already been declared. The JEE Main admit cards will also be soon made available. Many students as well as parents have been anticipating these exams with great anxiety and hopes, since it is the deciding factor for most aspiring engineering … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ghostly Haunted Abandoned Places In World

Abandoned Places : here is the list places where ghosts haunted rudely  Kayakoy, Fethiye (Turkey) Abandoned Places Countries like Norway, Japan or the US receive thousands of tourists looking at their guides the most visited places by the tourists but few dare to get out the manual and visit every year ghost places where neglect and silent awe. The travel website TripAdvisor … [Read more...]

World’s first Selfie was taken back in 1839!

First Selfie These days the fastest thing that was spread more than a virus is a Selfie. This fever has left no celeb to no common man. Such was the craze that a selfie has got in the modern era. Not only that, but the “Selfie” has recently was made an entry into the dictionary which is the first of its kind. But to surprise of all the world’s first well-known self-portrait or … [Read more...]

Yamaha RD 350 Bike specifications , price, color

Yamaha RD 350 : Yamaha bikes makes youth to passionate about bikes in olden days. riding the bike on road with roaring sounds really youth likes it. now old bike yamaha rx 100 is upgraded to Yamaha RD 350 with efficient pickup and very attractive specifications. this new Yamaha rd 350 looks same as Rx 100 colour, seating, head lamp etc. but inner specifications are upgraded … [Read more...]