AIPMT Exam 2016:Last Minute Preparation Tips

AIPMT, the All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test is held every year for students aspiring to become doctors/dentists. Conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi; it is among the renowned exams held for medical field aspirants.

As of this year,AIPMT 2016 is to be held on 1st May, 2016.

AIPMT Exam 2016Last Minute Preparation Tips

Last Minute Preparation Tips for AIPMT Exam 2016

  1. Okay as it is last minute now, it is advisable not to get started with some new or untouched topic now. There must be some reason for you to not to have studied it till now. So no need to waste time on it anymore. Among the innumerous topics that are bound to come there is less chance that the topic you have left will come in the paper.
  2. After having studied for two years or may be more you must have your strong areas as well as the weak ones. Keep revising the strong areas to be thorough with them and practice the weak areas more and more to become better in them till the examination day.
  3. Keep solving the numericals with pen and paper in your hand. Many times, when you see a question you feel it would be very easy to solve but that’s not necessarily true. While solving you get your concepts clear. Your mind starts pondering over other possible situations which might be short and much better than what you were taught. Make sure you have full command over your textbook i.e. NCERT.
  4. As competition is increasing at considerable rate, you need to be better than most of them out there so that you have better chances of getting selected.This can be achieved by increasing your solving speed. You must be crystal clear of the topics so that whatever question comes in front of you, you can easily picturize it and then solve it accordingly but that too in a good speed.
  5. Do smart study. You know which topics are important or which topics or subjects have more weightage. Get them done first. Devote more time to Biology as majorly questions would be from it. Do the diagrams with care. While studying about scientists give extra attention to their achievements and dates. In physics it is important you understand the derivationssuch that you can derive it on your own. In Chemistry you must memorize the formulae of physical chemistry as well as the formulae and properties of the important chemicals and minerals.
  6. Last but not the least, as it is last moment; be extra cautious with your health. Keep yourself fit and fine. Exercise daily for physical fitness and to keep yourself mentally fit meditate daily after waking up. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Get adequate sleep. Your body should get proper rest to be able to concentrate during the exam. Talk to friends and family taking a bit of time from all that studying. Stay positive and don’t get nervous. Just give your best and the result would be automatically good.

Things to take care of while giving the examination

  1. Don’t get too nervous. Fill the details as instructed by the invigilators.
  2. Have confidence in self and try not to peek here and there for cheating purposes.
  3. Try to complete the paper before time and check again thoroughly.

Before the AIPMT exam 2016 night sleep on time. Be tension free. Before sleeping collect all important stuff like admit card, pencils, pens, photo of yours, wrist watch, exam board if you require, etc. Set alarm in every phone at your home, inform your parents the time you need to wake up by. And take your own water bottle coz during writing exam getting thirsty is highly probable and the less diversion, the better it is.